About Lactation Consultation

Breast feeding has many wonderful benefits, but it’s not always easy.

That’s where Lactation Consultation comes in! Bloom Women’s Counseling, Consulting, and Wellness, LLC. has teamed up with Milk & Honeysuckle, Lactation and Wellness, LLC. to provide lactation consultation at our office.

Meeting with a Lactation Consultant during pregnancy, and after giving birth, can help provide much needed support and advice.

Kristin Weber, RN, IBCLC is an experienced nurse, certified lactation consultant, and mother of 5 is here and ready to help you on your feeding journey whether that is deciding to breast/chest feed, pump, do both, or maybe just to talk about if breast/chest feeding is, or isn’t for you.

Using her signature warm personality, humor, and experience as a mom, Kristin is able to provide you with a judgement free space to discuss your feeding needs and concerns.

If you are interested in scheduling with Kristin please contact our office today at 419-326-5732, or follow the link below to schedule and get started!


Lactation Consultation Services are currently in-network with:


Anthem/Blue Cross & Blue Shield


If you have any insurance carrier that we are not in-network with, a super-bill can be provided for each appointment which clients can submit to their insurance for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance prior to your initial appointment to understand the process for submission and reimbursement.

Rates/Investment Fees

Prenatal Visit: $125 for 60 minutes, for clients who have not yet given birth and wish to discuss their feeding options.

Initial Visit: $175 for 90 minutes, for clients who have given birth and are needing assistance with feeding.

Follow Up Visit: $125 for 60 minutes, for already established clients needing ongoing assistance with their feeding journey.

Weaning Consult: $125 for 60 minutes, for established and new clients who are contemplating ending their feeding journey.

Pumping Consult: $125 for 60 minutes

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